At BCF Equine I provide the needed responsibility of treatment and rehabilitation after an injury, surgical procedure, or major illness. I work directly with your veterinarian and/or farrier to provide the daily care necessary to get your horse back in good health. I provide care for lameness, colic recovery, eye care, wound therapy, and anything requiring medical care that is more intensive than you can provide alone.  Each patient is put on an individual plan for you to get the help you need in recovering your horse.  I also provide key modalities to prevent injury and facilitate injury recovery such as BEMER Therapy,  Thermal Imaging, Laser Therapy, and Equine Massage.  BEMER Therapy is our newest modality and with scientific studies showing promising results it is a great way to get your horse fully recovered.


Some situations require medicating more often than twice daily , especially in regards to eye care.  This is an extra service provided.  Also IV/IM injections can be provided as additional care under the direction of your veterinarian.

Wound/Post surgery

Wound care can require some extensive treatment.  Each situation will be evaluated and cost will reflect level of care.  Treatment will be determined and provided under the care of your veterinarian.

Class IV Laser Therapy

For pain management, faster healing, and inflammation we provide state of the art laser therapy with a Litecure Companion Laser.  This therapy has proven to be beneficial in any injury type healing.  You can read more at


Equine Sports Massage

When a horse has long term stall rest they can build up a lot of muscle tension.  This can create other problems that could intensify their existing problem.  We have an on site equine massage therapist to give sports massage when needed as an added service.

Thermal Imaging

The importance of equine massage is to provide relief in areas of stiffness and inflammation.  Thermal Imaging can help pinpoint these areas, making the massage session more valuable to your equine partner.  We can also pinpoint problem areas with a scan of your horse to assist in injury recovery.

BEMER Vascular Therapy

The FDA registered BEMER signal provides enhanced blood flow resulting in increased oxygen supply, enhanced recovery & regeneration processes, reduces stress and improves hydration.  Its patented design wraps around your horse and provides the therapy they need for wellness and recovery.  For more information visit www.heidi-walton-brown.bemergroup.com

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