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When will my horse need extra care from someone like BCF Equine?

Many times after a surgery or injury a horse needs extended treatment that is too time consuming for the average horse owner or barn owner to focus on.  In these situations horse owners can have their hands tied as to what to do.  BCF Equine is the perfect option for you and your horse to get the needed medical treatment and therapy until they are at a manageable schedule for the owner or have completely healed from their ailment.

What are the common conditions that are treated by BCF Equine?

The most common ailment treated would be lameness recovery.  Soft tissue injuries require a lot of time, walking, icing, and medicating.  Other common conditions are eye injuries/infections, wound therapy, and post surgical care.  If your horse needs regular medicating, bandaging, walking, etc they are a candidate for our services.

Do I need a referral from a veterinarian?

The cases we treat are only from the recommendation of your veterinarian or farrier.  So a vet/farrier referral would be needed so we are sure we are providing the proper care for your horse.  If you are seeking our services for wellness, like getting BEMER therapy then a referral is not needed.

How many sessions does my horse need to see results from BEMER vascular therapy?

Every horse is different and most horses will have a response even after one treatment.  It is recommended to have regular therapy sessions with BEMER and packages are the best way to purchase this therapy.  Each horses needs will be evaluated to see how often we should use BEMER on your horses.